Demand Grand River Hospital Renegotiate Your Wages Now

Since Bill 124 was ruled unconstitutional, health care workers across Ontario have renegotiated their wages in contracts that were signed under the wage restraint legislation. Unionized workers at Grand River Hospital have largely settled their wage reopeners – but management has been delaying negotiations with 十博官网在线 members.


It's time all of us told the Board of Directors exactly how this impacts us and demand the employer come to the table prepared to offer the wage adjustments we deserve. 

Timeline of Events 

As you may have seen in the document shared with you on-site at the October 16 Member Information Day, there have been many attempts to engage your employer in negotiations. Here’s a list of key dates to give you context on how long management has been delaying and denying our requests on your behalf:

  • November 29, 2022: Superior Court of Justice strikes down Bill 124, the Ford government’s public sector wage suppression legislation, calling it unconstitutional.  
  • February 8, 2023: 十博官网在线 makes initial wage reopener request to Grand River 
  • Winter 2022-Spring 2023: 十博官网在线 approaches all employers who negotiated collective agreements while Bill 124 was in effect.
  • June 13, 2023: Board of arbitration chaired by William Kaplan issued their arbitration award for OCHU/CUPE and SEIU that sets the wage pattern for 45,000 service, office and clerical hospital workers in Ontario. 
  •  August 10, 2023: Frustrated after weeks of employer delays, 十博官网在线 National President Lana Payne writes a letter to Grand River Hospital President and CEO Ron Gagnon stating the importance of these negotiations and the need for fair wage adjustments for 十博官网在线 members. Read Lana’s letter here.

Kelly-Anne Orr, Assistant to the National Officers responsible for health care writes a formal update to Grand River Hospital members notifying of the dates the employer has scheduled to meet and the union’s goal to achieve the wage settlements received by other hospital workers. Read the letter here.

  • August 25 and September 11, 2023: Over these two dates, the union demands Grand River Hospital match the wage pattern set out in the Kaplan decision. Management delays any discussion on wages and says they have to speak to the hospital’s Board of Directors in late September.
  • By this time, 十博官网在线 has finalized wage reopener negotiations for members at nearly 20 other hospitals across Ontario. Grand River Hospital management is delaying a wage settlement for you.
  • October 6, 2023: The employer set this date to meet with 十博官网在线 following its discussions with the Board, and says the Board is willing to discuss changes to language in the collective agreement but will not discuss wages.
  • TODAY: You have waited long enough. Send a strong message to the Board of Directors that you deserve the same wage adjustments your colleagues, workers in other hospitals, and other 十博官网在线 members have achieved. 

Download a printable copy of this timeline.

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